Welcome to Ready. Set. Recess! Our Founder and CEO Leigh Aberle had one simple mission when launching her innovative site in August.  


We are so thrilled to share our story, our inspirations, and our company culture here with you in our weekly blog.  We are sure you have lots of questions, like………

Who Are We, What Do We Do, and What Makes Us different? So glad you asked! Let’s dive in shall we?

Who Are We?

Well, believe it or not we are actually a group of friends brought together by the Founder of Ready. Set. Recess!  Although we all come from different walks of life with a multitude of different educational backgrounds, we all share one common passion in life that has drawn us together…. A LOVE OF TEACHING CHILDREN!

At Ready. Set. Recess, (also known to our members as RSR), we are a team of fun and energetic professionals compromised of leaders in the education, medical, and childcare professions who all have extensive experience working with young children.

We are professionals in the child development industry who have been brought together to teach and play with the children of our members in our play-based learning community. 

Each instructor in our Virtual Community is playfully referred to as a Recess Leader instead of coach, teacher or instructor. This is done to encourage a more PLAYFUL environment among our members since after all, our main focus is kids having FUN! 

Recess Leaders at RSR not only lead the Recess Sessions, but they also personally design each one of the classes they lead using their expertise in the child development field. Each one has been personally handpicked by Leigh Aberle to join her team of talented leaders while diving in to this new and exciting way of making meaningful connections with children. Let’s face it, as amusing as Tik Tok and You Tubers have been the past few months in this strange and unique 2020 we are living in right now, this is the time kids need healthy meaningful and personal connection more than ever!  Luckily for our community members, personal and meaningful connections is kind of our thang! 😉

What Do We Do?

This one is a bit tougher to explain, but for good reason!  That’s because our founder Leigh Aberle has developed a social connection platform unlike any other one known to us!  It’s true that there is quite a selection of virtual platforms that are offering education based instructional programs to kids right now, but we do so much more than instruct kids, WE LEAD!  

In fact, that is barely scraping the surface of what we offer at RSR to our Virtual Community Members.

At RSR not only do we connect kids with one another in a live group setting to learn and do a group activity, BUT WE ACTUALLY FOCUS ON ENCOURAGING THE KIDDOS IN OUR COMMUNITY TO PLAY WITH ONE ANOTHER AND FORM VIRTUAL FRIENDSHIPS!  Our team makes time to talk with one another and check in with each other each day.  At the end of the day our leaders and members are a unique Virtual Community of people who just genuinely enjoy spending time together and care about one another.

You may have heard me mention meaningful connections already, and that’s because that is literally what our entire platform was created for. Meaningful Connections! So get ready to see it mentioned a few dozen more times in our blog!  You may be asking yourself; how exactly do they do that? Or, how is that even possible?

Guess what, we don’t blame you!  We were scratching our heads about those very questions for a few weeks too!  In the end, we feel confident we have delivered on our promise. This virtual community has been a labor of love that has been developed, planned, organized, and re-organized about a dozen times to get it just right!

So, if the idea of having 10 young children in a zoom session playing together while getting them ALL to listen carefully, PLUS actively participate in games and activities seems like an extremely difficult task to you……..you’re not wrong!  

Honestly, it takes a Rock Star to lead 4, 5, or even 6 fun, engaging, & creative sessions each day while keeping the children hanging on their every word.

That is exactly why Leigh assembled a group of people she personally knows are amazing at what they do!  Together Miss Leigh, Miss Sam, Miss Casey Jean, Miss Anna, Miss Tiffany, and Miss Caitlin host a community of families where children get to choose which one of the 30 + play based learning sessions they will attend each day.   Oh and by the way, did I mention there is NO LIMIT to how many sessions our kiddos get to attend each week!?!?

Oh Yes, you read that right, no need to check your lens prescription! I really said there are OVER 30 sessions each week that members of our community get to choose from and attend whenever they want!  As a Community Member of Ready. Set . Recess families can choose what sessions they love each week while choosing the times that work best for them! 

We offer sessions starting as early 5:30 AM and as late as 7:30 PM depending on what coast of the United States a family lives on.  Our large variety of sessions including, Play Based Yoga, Bop Bingo, Mystery Science, Pre-School Prep, Disney Trivia and I Spy Nature Walks just to name a few……are currently being offered from 8 AM to 8 PM EST throughout the week.  

What Makes Us Different?

Meaningful Connections, Ya’ll!  Our mission is to simply spark joy in households across the country by creating and nurturing meaningful connections while having fun.  We are a small team of leaders for a reason, and the reason is we don’t just want to teach your kiddos, we want to get to know your kiddos! Our team of leaders take the time to communicate and collaborate with each other each week to create a warm and inviting virtual space to host our communities’ kiddos each day

Our Community Recess Leaders promote social development to members by providing the unique opportunity to help each child communicate in a small safe virtual space by offering multiple sessions each week where children are just encouraged to share their thoughts in engaging conversations to sharpen their social skills!

The great thing about providing a service solely focused on the needs of the members in our virtual community is that is that we actually LOVE to see your kiddos as much as possible!  We actually really miss them when they are too busy to come and play, so we want to make it as convenient as possible for each family to find a time that is good for them to come and play each week.   

Even though or Recess Leaders are all currently based on the Eastern Coast of the USA, if a community members family is located on the west coast and can only do evening classes, we will do everything we can to try and provide additional classes in the evenings to accommodate our cherished community members whenever possible.  

In case there are still any questions left rolling around in your brain about how Ready. Set. Recess is not your average learning platform…..here are just a few more reasons why our community members come back to see us each week!

  • At Ready. Set. Recess our Members Safety is paramount which is the reason why we implement screening procedures for not only our Recess Instructors, BUT ALSO each Community Member applicant too!
  • Our team of Recess Leaders work together to develop a variety of classes to provide a healthy balance of exercise, art, music, nature, play, exploration, and creativity tailored to our members needs.
  • Each and every session is unique with different kids and new ideas.  Plus we offer new and exciting sessions each month to keep our community members engaged with fresh, exciting, and trending classes!
  • A family of four can enjoy as many interactive play-based earning activities as they want each week for less than $40 a week!  
  • We currently offer 5 different membership levels to help accommodate each families’ needs. Including our brand-new POP IN Membership where families can pay a small $25 registration fee to have limited community benefits and access to our large variety of classes each month by paying per session. This is a great option for families who only have time in their busy schedule to pop into a session once or twice a month.

If the mood strikes you, drop us a comment below to let us know what you’re thinking about Ready. Set. Recess now! Thank you for stopping by to give us the opportunity to tell you a bit about who we are, what we do, and what sets us apart from the rest of the kid’s platforms out there! We hope to see you and your kiddos in a session soon!

You can click THIS LINK to see the list of sessions currently available EXCLUSIVELY to our Pop In and Full Time Community Members.

Your friends,

The team @ Ready. Set. Recess