For only $150 per month your family can join us for UNLIMITED access to Recess Sessions per month, plus discounts on our PREMIERE events. We currently have over 20 sessions per week and counting!  You can also pay per session as a Pop In Member by tabbing over to the page titled, ‘Pay Per Session’ on our Menu Bar.  Scroll down to view our current offerings. 


Mindful Art with Miss Sam

Sensory Art
Leader: Miss Sam
Age Group: 4-10

Description: Join Miss Sam for fun and engaging art projects that promote midfullness while letting out their inner artist. Kiddos will be encouraged to enjoy sensory play while creating art in this calming 30 minute session offered 2 days a week.

Game Time

Leader: Miss Sam
Age Group: 5-10

Description: Join Miss Sam in this mid-afternoon session with a new play-based game each day for our community kiddos to engage, learn and play!

While this session is designed for Active Participation of children ages 5 through 10, younger siblings in the home are welcome to quietly observe and join the fun too!

Book Club with SPECIAL GUEST Mrs. South Carolina American Caitlin Anderson

Leader: Miss Caitlin

Age Group: 6-9

Time: Returning in January!

Description: Book clubs are so wonderful for children’s engagement in text and comprehension. Each week Miss Caitlin will read an excerpt from her chosen reading selection, and children will engage in discussion that enriches comprehension, vocabulary, and engagement in text!

Miss Caitlin will aim to choose books that promote social justice and teach children a valuable central message they can carry with them beyond the weeks they meet for weekly book club.

Kindergarten Prep

      Leader : Miss Anna

Age Group:  3-6

Description:Get ready for 30 minutes of Play-Based Learning in Kindergarten Prep designed for kids ages 3 – 6!  Miss Anna will help prepare kiddos for a true Kindergarten experience down the road! You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Kiddos will engage in playful ways to learn about letters, animals, numbers, colors, letters, shapes  and more every week.  With Kindergarten Prep being offered in 3 days you can feel free to make this part of your childs weekly routine!

Miss Anna’s virtual school type setting was designed to prepare kids for a smoth transition into Kindergarten is exclusively offered here at RSR.

Some Parent or Guardian participation is required during this session while your child engages with Miss Anna AND the other children in the Kindergarten Prep session.

Nature Time

Leader: Miss Leigh

Age Group: 4-10

Description: Join Miss Leigh on a virtual nature walk or scavenger hunt and learn about plants, animals, and so much more! It never hurts to have your children’s favorite coloring tools ready to go for Miss Leigh’s outdoor adventures. She may ask your little ones to draw what they see. Family’s are encouraged to go on their own nature walk before class to find an item outdoors that children can share with the other children in the class.

Play Based Yoga


Leader: Miss Casey Jean  

Ages: 4-10

Description: Join Miss Casey Jean in a play-based yoga session. Each session will feature age-appropriate movement, breathing techniques, music, and creative expression. Play Based Yoga is a great way for children to be able to express themselves and develop fundamental skills in a fun and welcoming virtual environment.

Chillin with the Team


Leader: Miss Sam

Ages: 4-10

Description: Join the RSR team for 30 minutes of engaging conversation and side splitting laughs!  

Your kiddos can chat all session long with memebrs the beloved memebers of the Ready. Set. Recess team as they lead a group chat to encourage community members to socialize and form virtual friendships within our community.

Join your favorite Recess Leaders for some quality chit chat time several times a week!

Friday PJ Party with Miss Sam

Leader: Miss Sam 

Age Group: 4-10 

Description: Join Miss Sam for a bunch of fun each Friday! Why wait till Saturday for the fun to start?

Kiddos can join Miss Sam each Friday evening for a fun get together to welcome the weekend!

Join Miss Sam for dance parties and games featuring a new exciting new theme each week!

Silly Stories & Songs

Kids Imagination

Leader: Miss Anna 

Age Group: 3-8

Description: Join Miss Anna for some wholesome fun as she shares her creative writing  with the group and asks your kiddo to help her with the final touches!  Miss Anna encourages your childs imagination to take flight as they help her finish each story together.

Each session will end with some silly songs for your child to dance along to with Miss Anna as they get thier wiggles out together.  She can’t promise the songs won’t get stuck in your head, but she can promise lots of smiles!

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Launching In November

Leader: Miss Anna 

Age Group: 4-8

Description: Teddy bears, tea cups and tea pots….. oh my!

Little ones will be whisked away into a world of make believe while we indulge in a fun play-based socialization session.

Join Miss Anna for a tea party where each child is asked to bring a teacup (or place setting) for both for them and their teddy bear to partake in the fun! Every child will be encouraged to introduce us to the “guest” they have joining them for tea during our make believe party to exercise their children’s imaginations while letting them practice social skills.

Marvel Fitness Workout

Ready Set Recess

Launching In November

Leader: Miss Anna 

Age Group: 4-10

Description:  Our team is turning up the heat with this action packed super hero insired fitness routine that will make your kiddos excited to excercise each week!

Miss Anna will lead our communities kiddos in a  30 minute session including a warm up, play-based workout and cool down.

Share and Tell

Leader: Miss Anna

Age Group:  4 – 10

Description: Join Miss Anna as she leads a 30 minute session of chit chat and sharing among our virtual community of kiddos!

Miss Anna will encourage each child to share things that they love to do, show off things they are proud of and talk about their interests and hobbies in a new kind of show and tell!

ABC's Imagination Station

Leader: Miss Anna

Age Group:  4 – 8

Description: Join Miss Anna as she leads children through a unique class that will get their creative juices flowing with a fun mixture of Literature, Art, and Imagination every time.

Our young community members will enjoy listening to new stories about a young boy named Alfie each session as he explores letters of the alphabet in exciting ways.

Our community kiddos will love learning more about the letters of the alphabet while drawing images from the story they hear each day using just a paper, crayon and their imagination!

Even though this class is an ongoing play-based learning class offered each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the evening OR Tuesday and Thursdays during the day…. your little learner can jump in anytime without missing a beat.

Guessing Games with Miss Anna

Leader: Miss Anna

Age Group: 5 – 10

Description: Miss Anna will lead the communities kiddos in some fun and games while she tests your kiddos knowledge in a variety of playful guessing games each week.

Miss Anna will encourage children to take turns guessing in a variety of word and picture games.

Disney Trivia

Leader: Miss Anna  

Age Group:  4- 10 

Description:  Join Miss Anna as she hosts a fun new trivia game each week featuring questions about the most popular Disney cartoons and movies!

Compete in an interactive live guessing game with other participants all competing for the ultimate bragging rights! A list of anything needed to particpate each week will be sent after successfully registering for this session.

Mystery Science

Kids Science

Leader: Miss Sam  

Age Group: 5-10 

Description: Join Miss Sam as she dives into the exciting world of Science!  This session will feature cool new science projects each week where kiddos can watch Miss Sam create erupting volcanos, ooey gooey slime, cloud dough and more! 

Miss Sams session is a great way to let your kiddos get into the mysterious exploration of science without all the mess! 

Interactive Story Time

Leader: Miss Anna 

Age Group: 3-10

Description: Join Miss Anna as she brings a new storybook to life each week.  Miss Anna carefully chooses a new book each week to share with the children in her session. During Miss Anna’s unique story time children are encouraged to engage with their recess leader by participating in some fun Q & A’s about the reading selection.  Your child will love looking at the bright colorful pictures as Miss Anna takes time to admire the illustrator’s skillfully sketched artwork during each session. Miss Anna’s Interactive Story Time will give your child the feeling of attending the story time at your local library, all from the comfort of your very own couch!

Bop Bingo


Leader: Miss Anna  

Age Group: 4-10

Description: Join Miss Anna while she hosts an interactive game of live bingo every week.  Although this game was designed for fun letter and number recogniton, during this interactive game of Bop Bingo children will practice a comboination of both verbal and non verbal communication skills as well! Children will state “Bop” while placing their hand on their head to signal Miss Anna they have a Bingo!

Bop Bingo Cards will be provided to each family after successfully registering their children for the session.  Parents can print out simply one copy for their child to use over and over again for each game.


Teen Trivia


Leader: Miss Anna

Age Group: 11-16

Description: Miss Anna will be hosting a fun and exciting game of LIVE TRIVIA for ages  11 – 16 to enjoy in a friendly competition in this themed Premiere Event each week. Miss Anna will do a new Trivia Theme catered to teens each week to keep players on their toes while exercising their brains! Marvel Trivia, Harry Potter, The Office Trivia and more!

This Premiere Event is offered once a week currently on Wednesdays @ 5pm EST. Premiere events are offered to all members to access. Admission covers the entire family.

Full time members can have children in their family ages 11 – 16 join this 45 minute event at a special price of just $10 a session.

Pop In Members can have all members ages 11 – 16 in their family join this 30 minute event for $10 a session for a limited time!

Please note that each player in the household will need to utilize a separate device to play!

Family Game Night PREMIERE EVENT


Leader: Miss Anna

Age Group: 11-16

Description: Every other Friday at 7pm and 9pm EST. 

Miss Anna will be hosting a fun and exciting game for families to enjoy together every other week to enjoy in a friendly competition against other community memebrs in this themed Premiere Event.  She will host a family oriented night of fun the entire family can particpate in no matter what thier age! Get ready for games like Music Bingo, Disney Trivia, and Famlily Feud just to name a few!

This Premiere Event is offered every other Friday at 7 and 9  EST. Premiere events are offered to all community members to access.  Admission covers the entire family.

Full time members can have their family  join this 45 minute event at a memebr perk  price of just $10 a session.

Pop In Members can have all members in their family join for just $15 a session!

Sing-Along with Miss Leigh

Leader: Miss Leigh

Age Group: 4-10

Description: Come sing-along with Miss Leigh and enjoy back to back fun with a new theme each week! Children will get to sing-along to Disney, Pixar and Broadway themed songs while learning something new! Not only will they get to sing, but Miss Leigh will share a fun activity related to the weeks theme for some thrilling variety.