Our beginnings and our vision forward. 

Ready. Set. Recess is an extension of Family First Household Staffing Agency, which is a nationwide staffing company based in Charlotte, NC. Leigh Aberle is the founder and CEO of Family First and holds the joy of children close to her heart.

When the Pandemic shut down most of the country, she noticed that the situation created a social disconnect between children and their friends. Leigh also observed parents she spoke with were running out of creative ideas to keep their children engaged in playful learning during this unique time. Quite frankly she noticed they could reaslly use a well deserved break too. Leigh wanted to provide a solution to parents struggles by creating something that would not only spark joy in homes, but create a sense of community and provide children across the nation with meaningful connections.

She quickly turned her innovative visoin into a reality by assembling a team of educators, instructors and experts in the childcare field to help design a all encompassing variety of play-based learning games and activties to share with a community of members who could enjoy fun with a friendly familiar face each day.

One of the many things that sets Ready. Set. Recess apart from other virtual platforms, is that our live sessions are created to be engaging and get kids creative juices flowing.

Each one of our unique 30 minute sessions are live interactive sessions built to create social development and meanigful connections while kids see and talk to each other while having fun throughout thier day. We see Ready. Set. Recess as a virtual pen pal opportunity for children to  spark meaningful connections with not only their Recess Leaders, but the other kids in the session too! Therefore creating what we hope can become  life-long friendships!

We also limit each session to 10 households to create a safe virtual space and as well as a  small group feeling where childrens ideas, feelings and happy thoughts can be heard.

Unlike other virtual or in perosn platforms we don’t just offer a few classes a week to members, WE OFFER OVER 15 CLASSES IN OVER 30 SESSIONS EACH WEEK for our community memebrs! Our monthly memebrs get to attend as many classes as they want at anytime thoughout the month too!

Each Recess Leader here at Ready. Set. Recess is dedicated to hosting play-based learning sessions that are above all else, FUN!

Growing a virtual community of members that play together and flourish into a tight knit family is our mission.  With that in mind we would like to convey that we enthusiatically welcome any ideas, class requests, or constructive feedback from any of our currnt memebrs or trial memebrs as we continue to grow.

Leigh Aberle

CEO & Founder