Author: Sam Kimball, RSR Leader

We know everyone is adjusting to these strange times, so we wanted to provide you with a guide on how to make it through! Here are a few tips to keep you sane along the way.

2020 has truly been a roller coaster, leaving emotions raw and parents at their wits end. Throwing distance learning in the mix just added another layer to the insanity. We understand you have a lot on your plate and that every pile of laundry, dish and setting your kids up for their Zoom calls can feel overwhelming. Everyone is adjusting to a new “normal” and we are here to support you through this time. Remember to keep in mind that you truly can do anything,(we believe in you) but you do NOT have to do it all. Don’t forget to praise yourself along the way. Each task you accomplish deserves recognition. Don’t rush through, take your time and BREATHE. Always take a break when needed. Go for a walk, fresh air will change your mindset drastically. You can even hide in your car (no shame in that game!) Just don’t forget to take care of you, you are doing hard things!

Stop Comparing
We know you’re doing it. How can you possibly help it with everything going on? We have one piece of advice… STOP!!! Everybody is entering a new territory with distance learning in their homes while trying to balance work. IT IS HARD. Don’t compare your “normal” to anyone else’s. There is no “right” way. Remember to stay calm and focus on your strengths. Learn to be okay with things not going as planned, we are all adjusting and that will come at a different pace for everyone! Allow room for mistakes (it’s a great example for your kiddos) Lastly, stay in the moment! Don’t let your fear of tomorrow drive you out of your happy place today.

Remember That Technology is Your Friend
Ok…Maybe it’s not your BEST friend, but it is your friend. I don’t know about you, but we sure do miss the days where kids played in culdesacs safely while parents sat on the front porch relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Kids were glued to the screens in 2019, but 2020 sure does take the cake. Tech went from benefiical to overwhelming for many, but try not to let this stress you out. Tech can be meaninful espcially with so many amazing teachers out there. They are workig hard to create interactive and engaging classess that will help your children thrive. If you are confused on how an application works you’re not alone. When in doubt… GOOGLE!

Communication is key during chaotic times. Talk to your children’s teachers. They are new at this too. And if you are struggling with something, chances are another parent or caregiver is too. Reach out! You are not alone, behind every computer screen is a parent or teacher that is new at this too. Ask for help! Setting up virtual meet-ups or conference calls with parents and teachers will be extremely beneficial in making it through this tough time.

Give the Kids a Break
It is so important that we take care of ourselves during this time, but we need to remind our kids to take care of themselves too. We are all going through a strange transition and deserve a little bit of slack! Pressure is overwhelming, break up working times in chunks instead of all at once for a more calm approach to the day. Don’t forget that as overwhelming as this is for you, it’s just as overwhelming for your kiddo. Nobody is used to this learning style and it will be a learning curve for all. Make sure to break up the day and get your children outside!! If you notice your kiddo feeling overworked or frustrated a walk outside or a run through the yard will be a nice reset. At the end of the day, we are ALL in this together and GRACE on ourselves and children is key.

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